’78/52′ @ FIFF in Switzerland

78/52 will celebrate its Swiss Premiere at the Fribourg International Film Festival next April. The film will screen in the section ‘Decryption’.

From the Festival’s page:

Every year FIFF’s themed section aims to find high-quality films that have slipped under the radar of distributors and other festivals. After themes such as The Image of the Islam in the Occident (2012) and Can you laugh about anything? (2015), it turned out that, over the last few months, an unusual number of excellent productions dedicated to cinema itself have emerged. The decline of celluloid has changed the nature of the medium, as well as how films are produced, enjoyed and archived. In the midst of this major shift, some filmmakers are demonstrating the cultural and social importance of cinema by exploring the past: the Swiss-American Alexandre O. Philippe will present his documentary 78/52 as a Swiss premiere, fresh from its screening at Sundance: a 90-minute film that passionately unpacks the famous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

’78/52′ joins SXSW 2017 Line Up

The 2017 South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival is less than six weeks away, and SXSW’s organizers have announced the bulk of the remaining program for the 24th edition, with just the Midnighters, Short Film and VR sections still to come. A total of 125 features will be shown, with 51 from first-time filmmakers, 85 world premieres, 11 North American premieres and five U.S. premieres. Amongst them, our film 78/52 !



Rolling Stones: ’78/52′ is 1 of 15 Best Movies of 2017 Sundance FF

Never mind the celebrity talking heads (a moratorium on in-film Eli Roth interviews, please); this fascinating close-read of one of the most famous movie sequences of all time – Psycho’s shower scene – not only explains how Hitchcock set up the shots but reminds you why it’s still such a masterclass in miniature re: horror moviemaking. Academics, art historians and Janet Leigh’s body double all weigh in about the particulars of background painting choices and the art of covering up on-set nudity, while famous fans admire the technique. But the real takeaway is in seeing Hitch push the envelope both creatively and sociologically with his master plan – then incinerate the envelope altogether.



Wired: ’78/52′ is 1 of 10 Awesome Indie Movies coming your way this year!

The man behind The People vs. George Lucas decides to boldly switch it up with 78/52—an almost a clinical examination of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. More specifically, documentarian Alexandre O. Philippe is interested in dissecting the infamous shower scene from the 1960 masterpiece. As the doc continues, Philippe and a myriad of horror enthusiasts (directors, actors, biographers, screenwriters) can’t help but contextualize Hitchcock’s inimitable career from every possible perspective. It’s in this illuminating conversation about the master of suspense where 78/52 finds its legs—and purpose.



Variety Critics Picks ’78/52′ as one of the 13 Best Films of Sundance 2017

“No movie in the history of movies is as fun, or resonant, to think about as “Psycho.” Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece shook audiences to their souls back in 1960, yet it has now evolved into something else: a movie you watch yourself watching, because of how it marks the fault line of the 20th century — the moment when horror turned inward, becoming a slashing spectator sport. Alexandre O. Philippe’s exhilarating film-geek documentary takes a deep dive into the mystique of “Psycho”: the ghoulish layered trap-door prankishness, and the way that it suffused the larger culture. The film is full of eager and voluble “Psycho” addicts (Bret Easton Ellis, Peter Bogdanovich, Elijah Wood, Karyn Kusama, Walter Murch) who become irresistible talking heads, and it culminates in an unprecedented cinematic dissection of the shower scene that achieves what the greatest film criticism does: It leaves you stoked, enthralled, hungry for more.” –Owen Gleiberman



IFC Midnight Grabs ’78/52′

IFC Midnight has acquired U.S. rights to 78/52, the Alexandre O. Philippe-directed Sundance documentary that deconstructs the infamous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

IFC co-presidents Jonathan Sehring and Lisa Schwartz called the docu “a thrilling piece of work about one of the greatest films ever made. Alexandre Philippe has made a film that captures why all of us have become obsessed not only with Psycho but cinema itself. We are excited to work with the entire team to get this film out to the world.”