THE LONG WALK awarded at Los Angeles

The Long Walk won the “Special Jury Award – Innovation in Genre” at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in the International Narrative Feature category last October.

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Our trusted assistant Mochi took delivery of the Diploma

ENTANGLEMENT awarded in Macao

Last week we took part in the IFFAM Project Market and very unexpectedly, our new project Entanglement, written by Chris Larsen and directed by Mattie Do, won the Award for Best Co-Production. This Award means a ton to the team as it will allow to properly develop the project. Many thanks to Mike Goodrige, June Wu, Todd Brown, the team behind at scenes at IFFAM and to the Juries Giona A. Nazzaro, Joko Anwar and Yeonu Choi for awarding us.

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The Gasoline Thieves hits Showtime and Amazon in the US !

Our production The Gasoline Thieves (Huachicolero) has hit Amazon and Showtime in the US ! Directed by Edgar Nito, the film won the Award for Best New Narrative Director at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. The story tells of 14-year-old Mexican farmhand Lalo, who is propelled by a need for cash to impress a crush and finds himself dangerously in over his head after entering into the country’s underworld of illegal gasoline extraction.

Entanglement goes to IFFAM Project Market

We’re very grateful to be invited back to the Macao IFFAM Project Market with Mattie Do’s new film, ENTANGLEMENT. Even though it’s going to be virtual, we look forward to chatting with attendees from all over the world!

The IFFAM Project Market (IPM) will return digitally this December for a fifth edition during the International Film Festival & Awards Macao (December 3-8).

IFFAM Project Market 2020 Lineup:

· Ash Valley(白嶺); director Shu Zhu(朱書); producer Anderson Le

· Best Served Cold; directors Aaron Cowan, Josephine Luping; producers Aaron Cowan, Josephine Luping

· Death’s Bride; director Antonio Morales; producer Jon Arrospide

· Electric Child; director Simon Jaquemet; producers Michela Pini, Didar Domehri, Titus Kreyenberg

· Entanglement; director Mattie Do; producer Annick Mahnert

· Fellow Travellers; director Haolu Wang(王昊鷺), producer Camille Gatin

· Kintsugi; directors Diego Lopes, Claudio Bitencourt; producer Diego Lopes

· Marlin; director Maxim Bessmertny(貝馬善); producer Mário Patrocínio

· Mars Express; director Jérémie Perin; producer Didier Creste

· Peaches; director Jenny Suen(白海); Coco Francini, Cate Blanchett, Juliette Schrameck, Jonah Greenberg

· Prisoners of the Pacific; director Junxiang Huang(黃俊翔); producers Junxiang Huang(黃俊翔), Eric Khoo(邱金海)

· The Darter(鏢手); director Sam Leong(梁德森); producer James Poon(潘廸偉)

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Annick Mahnert helms Frontières as it goes digital

The new executive director will organise the first online edition of the Frontières International Co-Production Market, which will still run on its original dates.

Frontières is an important event for the film industry, and it was inconceivable to me that the market should cease. Lindsay Peters had proposed alternatives prior to her departure, and we will build upon her ideas to create this year’s digital event. I am proud to take the helm of Frontières, and although we won’t be able to meet in person this summer, I have no doubt that our partners and the genre-cinema community will follow us in this new adventure.” explains Mahnert

Read the full article HERE.

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How’s your Ancient Greek?

We’ve recently learned the North American release of Memory: The Origins of Alien did not include subtitles for the Ancient Greek spoken in the opening sequence of the film. We have communicated with the distributors and have been informed digital media will be corrected and replaced. We have requested the remaining inventory not be sold and a disc exchange be employed.

TLW leads through Rotterdam

Mattie Do’sThe Long Walk is continuing its incredible festival run and will be part of the Visions section at the next Rotterdam Film Festival. An incredible honor!

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The Long Walk @ IFFAM

Yesterday we celebrated our Chinese premiere of The Long Walk at the Macao International Film Festival. Director Mattie Do, writer/producer Chris Larsen, producers Douangmany Soliphanh and Annick Mahnert, and actor Siengyan Chanthalangsi were attending.

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