How’s your Ancient Greek?

We’ve recently learned the North American release of Memory: The Origins of Alien did not include subtitles for the Ancient Greek spoken in the opening sequence of the film. We have communicated with the distributors and have been informed digital media will be corrected and replaced. We have requested the remaining inventory not be sold and a disc exchange be employed.

TLW leads through Rotterdam

Mattie Do’sThe Long Walk is continuing its incredible festival run and will be part of the Visions section at the next Rotterdam Film Festival. An incredible honor!

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The Long Walk @ IFFAM

Yesterday we celebrated our Chinese premiere of The Long Walk at the Macao International Film Festival. Director Mattie Do, writer/producer Chris Larsen, producers Douangmany Soliphanh and Annick Mahnert, and actor Siengyan Chanthalangsi were attending.

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Mattie Do won another award last night at the LUSCA Fantastic Film Festival in Puerto Rico for Best International Director! The LUSCA Film Festival had already supported Do’s work in 2017 by screening Dearest Sister. This marks Mattie Do’s second “Best Director Award” for The Long Walk.

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