Piove @ Frontières

Piove, the new project by Propaganda Italia who’s behind the adaptation of 5 is the Perfect Number, has been selected to participate at the Frontières CoProduction Market in Montréal next July. The film, directed by Gustavo Hernandez (Las Casa Muda, No Dormirás) is a coproduction between Italy, Belgium and Uruguay. Annick Mahnert of Screen Division is exec producing.

EGF 2019 Project Selection is out !

We’re thrilled to announce the eight projects selected for the 2019 edition of the European Genre Forum:

CHILDREN OF THE GODS – Dir. Filip Kovacevic (Serbia)
HOSPICE – Dir. Joanne Mitchell (United Kingdom)
LEMNOS – Dir. Andrew Desmond (France)
MIRROR OF NIGHTINGALES – Dir. Karla Lulic (Croatia)
NAKED COAST – Dir. Michal Krzywicki (Poland)
STARLIGHT – Dir. Alan Brennan (Ireland)
TRACKING: THE CYPRUS TIGER – Dir. Andreas Kyriacou (Cyprus)
UTOPYA – Dir. Ivan Engler (Switzerland)

European Genre Forum is a pan-european project organized by Black Nights Film Festival from Tallinn; Imagine Film Festival from Amsterdam; Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival and film consultancy company Screen Division from Sitges.The main goal of this international project is to connect young and upcoming European film talents.

TLW locked edit

We’re very happy to announce that we locked edit on The Long Walk. Our editor Zohar Michel, director Mattie Do and our Lao producer and DIT Chris Larsen made it possible. Huge thanks to all of them. Sound and SFX are lined up and we hope to be done in a few weeks.

Huachi goes to LA

Huachicolero has been selected to play at the Hola Mexico Film Festival, which takes place in Los Angeles May 31-June 8. Director Edgar Nito in attendance.

#Huachicolero #TheGasolineThieves #HolaMexico #ScreenDivision #Nobody #Harriett #AMP #Mexico #BestNewNarrativeDirectorAward

GdT retweets Huachicolero win

We woke up to the amazing tweet of Guillermo del Toro, who supported Huachicolero by retweeting the Tribeca Award win on his own Twitter. We’ll let this sink in…

#Huachicolero #TheGasolineThieves #Tribeca2019 #ScreenDivision #Nobody #Harriett #AMP #Mexico #BestNewNarrativeAward

Huachicolero WP @ Tribeca

Last night our latest production Huachicolero, directed by Edgar Nito, celebrated its World Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. A big part of the crew flew in from Mexico to celebrate the event.

#Huachicolero #Tribeca2019 #TheGasolineThieves #Nobody #Harriett #ScreenDivision #AMP #Mexico #Guachicoleros

Picture ©2019 Nikhil Kamkolkar